Why is it important to have a medical device designed and developed?

By Kelly Shelton   10/07/2019

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The design given to a medical device should be able to add some value to the end-user and should also capture a considerable amount of profit in the market share. Finding such a design can sometimes be challenging. Is it so because of medical procedures involves health care of human beings? Or is it that it comprises of complex procedures?

Possibly both points are given equal weight. Additionally, it should also keep a note that the devices should follow the standards laid by healthcare regulatory and should also deliver satisfaction to the end consumers by working according to their needs.

The approach should be very clear when a medical device is to be designed and the design consultant person should not consider himself as an isolated part of the whole process. It should be designed keeping in mind that it is a 510k medical device, in the sense that 510k norms should also be met. Precision is the key element at every step involved right from the idea of a product until its compliance procedure, design, testing and marketing efforts made in launching a product.

Importance of designing a medical device

To make a product successful, design and development are the two phases that require extra care. A medical device that is not properly designed and loosely defines will not be able to comply with the regulatory needs and the marketing efforts made will also go waste.

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Even if somehow the compliance tests are passed by the product, it will not be able to meet the standards laid down to deliver pre-defined functionality and the required benefits. The market needs for a medical device will not be met and so it will not be able to grab the market in comparison to the products that are well designed. Medical device design and development is much more than just conceptualizing a solution, developing the defined prototype and then manufacturing it to sell in the market. Consultation from a medical device expert will always be a cherry on the cake.

How can medical design be designed and developed?

Lots of efforts are made behind to deliver good healthcare solutions to the patient so that the demands of the customer are successfully met. Few things must be fulfilled to ensure that great healthcare is delivered to the customers by demanding that everyone should stay on the same page. It requires a scope definition that should match the needs of end-users, efforts made by the team as one, working according to the specifications and requirements already described in the product definition, detecting risks as much as possible and best quality maintenance.

Below points should be considered to make sure that a comprehensive medical device is designed and developed.

Concept and Idea of a product – No such steps should be taken without having the proper idea of why it is being done. Just because of other industries in your niche are doing something doesn’t mean you will also adapt the process without knowing the need of that procedure and a way out with the help of which the needs can be addressed. The needs can also be fulfilled by trying other solutions as well. There are further steps involved through which the concept of how a product can be designed and it will also be effective and efficient.

Regulation and compliance need – To enter the market the product should go through the compliance test laid by the regulations that are subject to both regional and international standards. The standards laid for medical devices are quite helpful and are enforced by law in specifying and evaluating the requirement for design and performance parameters. These are used for biomedical tools, equipment and tools.

With the help of such medical device design standards the institutions involved in the medical device field such as product manufacturers, laboratories and others to inspect the equipment newly produced and also checks that the devices are to meet the standards of quality and usability. Medical device regulatory consulting services can be hired as well to have a clear picture of whether the process carried out is on the right track. There are region-specific standards set as well and they are adopted from the international ones, it is just that little modifications are made and limitations are set to make them according to the region.

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