Stay active in biopharmaceutical innovation, development, production and quality assurance

By Kelly Shelton   04/22/2020

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Creating and producing biopharmaceuticals is expensive and difficult. As products move into the global maze of differing and sometimes changing government regulations, you need to stay abreast of the advances in technology and latest information. At every stage powered by personnel – disease research, drug development, QA consulting firms, manufacturing expertise – make the right choices to successfully bring your therapy to market.

All drugs must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and effective and the products derived from biotechnology require more sophisticated analytical procedures. Detected changes in the product as well as process-related impurities such as natural modifications or something like aggregation should be addressed immediately and included in specifications for final release. Employing Quality Assurance (QA) consulting firms can help provide reassurance that your product is being given the best attention to its unique biological properties

With comprehensive evaluations to support regulatory compliance and QBD, from sample preparation to data analysis onto record keeping and release from the facility, a supportive regulatory consulting firm, such as Biotech Research Group, may be what your product needs.

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Detailed and accurate reviews to ensure quality

Biologics products, such as composed of proteins in FDA-approved BLAs, are larger and more complex than the molecules of traditional pharmaceuticals. What’s more, their ‘active drug products’ (APIs) are derived from living cells and these are often in bioreactors or even chicken eggs for some vaccines. These each have their own complex forms in the final product and process-related contaminants. Pharmaceutical NDA products QC uses tools such as HPLC to verify purity. In contrast, biopharmaceutical QC evaluations require more sophisticated tools.