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By Kelly Shelton   04/22/2020

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Creating and producing biopharmaceuticals is expensive and difficult. As you move into the global maze of changing government regulations, you need to stay close to the advances in technology. At every stage – disease research, drug development, QA consulting firms, manufacturing – Agilent can provide you with the analytical answer you need, so you can make the right choices to successfully market your biotherapy.

They understand that big decisions are often drawn from small data. You can count on Agilent to undoubtedly identify and validate protein biomarkers and continually improve the state of the art in the discovery, identification, characterization, and quantity of proteins or antibodies. They have the tools you need to capture the essential information you need to be confident.

All drugs must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and effective and that products derived from biotechnology require more sophisticated analytical procedures. You must identify any compatible changes in product and process-related impurities and complex post-translational modifications, aggregation and / or absorption. Ensure that Agilent provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for biopharma production and Quality Assurance (QA) consulting firms.

With comprehensive data processing and reporting software to support regulatory compliance and QBD, from sample preparation to data analysis, they demonstrate how to get a fast response using Agilent’s analytics tools, automation products, bio-render systems, columns, and reactors.

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Rest assured with Agilent reliability

Product strength and reliability, coupled with reliable service, will provide you peace of mind when you choose Agilent. They can help you streamline your analysis and expedite your new biological candidates through the approval process.

Detailed and accurate QC test

All drugs should be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and effective. But products derived from biotechnology require more sophisticated analytical procedures. This is because the molecules of the proteins used to create biological therapies are 20 times larger than the molecules of traditional medicine. What’s more, their active drug products (APIs) are derived from living cells, and they typically involve a complex form of product and process-related contaminants. Along with that complexity, proteins undergo complex post-translational modifications, have highly specific three- or four-dimensional structures, and may be subject to aggregation and / or absorption. Traditional medicine QC laboratories use relatively simple tools U For example, HPLC systems with ultraviolet wavelength detection. In contrast, biopharmaceutical QC laboratories should use more sophisticated tools.