GTP Final Rule for HCT/Ps and its purpose and process

By Harry   09/09/2021

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Those who manufacture human-cell, tissue, and cellular-based products for the FDA have fixed the current good tissue practice. This rule is very much necessary as it will increase the safety of HCT/Ps, and the public will have security for their safety because it will prevent them from infectious diseases. From 25th May 2005, the current good tissue practice rule came into existence, and from hereafter, it was used effectively. Many changes also occurred after this rule came into existence. Earlier human heart allografts and human dura mater allografts are considered as a medical device, but now after 25th May 2005, they are solely considered as HCT/Ps under 361 section of Public Health Service Act. Current Good tissue practice means the requirements in C and D of 21 CFR of part 1272, which controls all the methods for manufacturing HCT/Ps, including all the steps in recovery, donor testing, processing, labeling, and distribution. Through GTP consulting also you can come to know many things about it.

GTP rules towards HCT/Ps and its process

Earlier FDA regulated human tissue needed for transplantation. Under the 21 CFR part of 1270, this rule always satisfies the FDA’s list of good tissue practices for HCT/Ps establishment. In the 1270 part itself, it is determined that what is the requirement needed to be fulfilled for a donor of human tissue at the time of transplantation and also required for other purposes like documents procedure and maintaining of record and inspecting of all these things. The final GTP rule is arranged under 21 CFR part of 1271 in D, E, F sub-parts.

In the sub-parts of D, the exception of 21 CFR and the rules in subpart D don’t include reproductive HCT/Ps. Not only in part D, but if we talk about part E, you can also say that it also doesn’t include reproductive HCT/Ps rules. Rather it includes rules and regulations for non-reproductive HCT/Ps. The main reason behind not adding subparts D, E is that few reports of spreading of infectious disease through HCT/Ps. This is not sure that as there is no proper evidence of the occurrence of disease transmission through reproductive HCT/Ps. That is why it is just overlooked, and appropriate measures to reduce the risk will help extend GTP requirements in the future to add in the reproductive HCT/Ps.

The quality program must take care that they must follow the rules and regulations required for the core good tissue practices. To have proper core good tissue practice, the quality program must follow all the procedures, including any complaints or sharing of any information. Not only this, the quality program must take care of the proper and preventive actions relating to the current GTP must be taken, and it must be documented properly so that any deviation to HCT/Ps will be investigated nicely. GTP Consulting is that’s why very much necessary. This is the reason why here all about GTP is consulted who wants to know about it.


After the modifications and development of the rules, it covers a greater part or amount of products where stem cells and tissue are also used to make reproductive drugs. These rules include tissues, but here it is not modified. If any major changes are done, then it will be considered a medical device. These rules are applicable for the products that are made after the year 2005. GTP consulting is also provided by many labs and other organizations where its importance and all the details about it are shared.