Occupational Toxicology: know the importance

By Harry   02/06/2021

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Toxicology is a science that aims to understand the interaction and the relationship of chemical agents with the organism under specific conditions of exposure and also serves to assess and monitor the toxic effects that this interaction can cause in organisms.

However, occupational toxicology has the same objective as toxicology, but the objects of study are the chemical compounds used in the workplace. Besides, it helps prevent the possible appearance of adverse health effects for workers due to exposure to chemical, physical and biological compounds in the workplace. In this sense, hiring Toxicology consulting services has great importance.

Benefits of hiring services

There are reports of accidents at work since ancient times in several ancient documents. Such descriptions mention the development of diseases caused by working conditions. 2021 is no different. Through knowledge of the toxicology of these compounds, it is possible to –

  • Map out the possible toxic effects that these compounds can cause to workers in the short and long term of exposure,
  • Assess the exposure scenario of these workers,
  • Know the interactions between the different agents that are used in the workplace,
  • Know the work environment and propose a series of protective measures, with the objective of preventing workers from becoming ill and having accidents, guaranteeing a safe and healthy working life.

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How is the knowledge of Occupational Toxicology used?

The evaluation of occupational toxicology includes the analysis of toxicological data of a substance or chemical compound to classify it toxicologically. At the same time, it is possible to provide information regarding the correct form of its use, as well as preventive and curative measures when used improperly. For hazard assessment, it is necessary to carry out epidemiological research, animal studies, in vitro and in silico studies. After this process, we were able to –

  • Establish the estimate of exposure in the workplace,
  • Determine the dangers of chemical agents,
  • Monitor the environmental and biological levels of substances,
  • Establish acceptable human exposure levels,
  • Define the best biological matrix,
  • Determine exposure and effect biomarkers.

What is the importance of a consultancy?

It is observed how the occupational toxicology is fundamental for the maintenance and monitoring of the workers’ health and guarantee of a healthy work environment, through the evaluation, control and prevention. With so many regulations and necessary measures to be adopted, a consultancy specialized in occupational toxicology, aiming at occupational health and safety, can help your company. The consultancy has experienced professionals with market knowledge, the main rules and the reality of the various segments.