Drug Quality Assurance and why it is of utmost importance

By Harry   08/01/2021

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In this world of modern medicine, where there is a cure for almost every disease known to mankind, drug quality is needed now than ever. Drug Quality Assurance is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Without a green light from the appropriate boards, these companies cannot continue manufacturing medicines. The drugs these companies produce have to meet the required standards of quality and safety.

Quality over quantity

Companies in every sector, are it automotive, agriculture, or health, never compromising the quality of product or service delivered. Ultimately every business wants customers to have confidence in their product, and this is where quality assurance management comes into action. In the pharmaceutical aspect, assuring that the drugs do exactly what they are intended to do is paramount. Before selling any medicine to the market Drug quality assurance by the officers should be taken so that no risk will be there for the people

Say you buy medicine for stomach aches, and it gives you a bad headache apart from not working for your stomach issues. Anyone would be disappointed if this happened to them. Ensuring they are safe for consumption and works as the intended effect is the primary goal here.

Rules of quality assurance

As of a standard set by ISO 9001, this has principles, namely eight principles. These eight principles are a requirement for any company making drugs. These exist only for the welfare of customers, health care professionals recommending it and patients. Eight principles focus on satisfying customers, ethical leadership, efficiently managing resources and processes, assurance of personal involvement in all levels, making fact-based decisions, non-exploitive supply chains and assured improvement at a good pace.

Better safe than sorry

Drug Quality assurance is another method of preventing mistakes and defects in the process of manufacturing. It helps avoid issues for both the manufacturers and the customers using these prescribed drugs. Drug manufacturers especially follow these guidelines rigorously as a lot of lives are at risk with drugs involved.

They must ensure the outcome is reliable, consistent and effective at the same time. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to personal health. The lower the risk, the better it is. However, to achieve these objectives of Quality Assurance, many functions have to be executed in a timely order.

Responsibilities as pharmaceutical professionals

According to the plan, functions under all departments must be carried out and ensuring this is a manager’s job. A quality assurance manager in a drug manufacturing company has an essential job. They have one of the most important jobs of all.

The maintenance of quality control is also a primary concern here-from time to time to evaluate and test drugs to check the drug quality. Monitoring every function in producing these drugs is a manager’s job. That is why every company has a quality assurance department focused on delivering products that meet the promised standard.

Quality control and quality assurance are and always will be important operations of the pharmaceutical industry for numerous reasons, some of which were mentioned above. After all, quality means doing it right when no one is looking.